I am honest, direct and obsessed with empowering women to consciously create their dream lives.

My passion is to make women REMEMBER, fully BELIEVE and then CREATE the bespoke pathway to a limitless life. No settling.

If you want to up-level your ENTIRE LIFE – I’m talking an integrated approach to career, relationships and lifestyle with a soulful and strategic approach then I am your woman.  

I only work with women who are creating impact – perhaps in the limelight, or with a knowing that they’re meant to be. Maybe considering making a big life shift and need some navigation. I know how to unlock that ‘cusp’ potential and to become ‘unstuck’ using my energy techniques and positive coaching style.

I am different to most coaches in that I run two companies – one is a a female empowerment brand SLAY, and the other is a creative TV Formats company. I can certainly understand visibility, media attention, stress, responsibility and overwhelm.

I only work with a limited number of women – our energy has to work and I need to know I can help take you to new heights. I am the so grateful to be the personal coach of choice to powerhouse CEO’s, public figures, leaders, celebrities and entrepreneurs and that means my diary can be full and I honour my time and yours.

My passion is to help you harness the secret weapons your already own and to exceed your own expectations. It’s about eliminating limiting beliefs and designing a JOYOUS lifestyle. 


MY STORY… I do what I do because it’s my purpose. I was brought up in Cornwall into a family obsessed with entrepreneurship and positive mindset practises. I married my first love at 18, had our baby son at 21 and I got a First class degree, I was a TV producer at 24, 6-figure salary and board-level media boss in my twenties, divorced before I was 30, huge debt to overcome… a life to rebuild – and that’s just the beginning! I am now a BAFTA speaker, featured in the national press at ‘one of the most powerful women in TV’ and seen in Deadline and Glamour magazine as the Creative Consultant and Coach for the London’s A-game network. I often seem a bit weirdly happy and confident to people. But that’s me.

It’s taken re-wiring, commitment and investment.  I don’t assume it’s all done alone and I’ve spent upwards of 50k on my own coaches and even more of spiritual, academic and personal development enrichment. Smart women dream but they also decide. to make changes

That’s where I come in.

I work with you to make you more YOU, in the physical and metaphysical; the strategic and the spiritual. I achieve my unrealistic goals and want you to do the same. I don’t underplay life anymore. And I am passionate about getting other women to that place of expecting things to go their way.

PS. I swear a bit. I drink cocktails and I AM my coaching style. With each of my private clients, I design a unique coaching trajectory based on my SLAY system method, which centres around manifestation, mindset, values and personal advancement. I WANT YOU TO HAVE YOU BEST LIFE. LIVING ON PURPOSE. LIVING BIG. LIVING IN JOY. IN FREEDOM. IN ABUNDANCE.

I won’t ask you to become something you’re not, I just ask that you open your soul to the possibility that you can elevate and amplify what you have and what you are capable of. If you’re ready to trust the whispers you’re hearing, it’s time to break the mould and step into your amazing life.



You are ready to step up, switch up, change it up.

You want more.

I am ready to take you to where you must be.

I help steer women into unchartered levels of self-discovery, self-belief and career results. I want to work with genuine, curious, impactful and conscious women who can’t help but constantly create.

I am not just a coach – I run multiple companies and have over 15 experience within creative media at a high level.I quit my board-level role within the world’s leading content producer to set up my own companies, and I designed my own varied, portfolio career – so I practise what I preach!

My passion is to make you more confident in your gifts, create your outcomes and find harmony in a hectic world. I want you to unlock your power, rise in your worth, cultivate a growth mindset and understand how to live by the secrets of success.

I tend to work with entrepreneurs, bosses, creative freelancers, founders, high-achievers, influencers and public figures. High-potential women rising up to what they were born for.

I tend to attract women who are about to, or in the midst of, a ‘shift’ or ‘awakening’. If you’re reading this, I believe you are here for a reason. You are now ready.

I guide, strategise and pinpoint why and how you can elevate what you do best and integrate all aspects of your life. You will see and overcome your own blocks within your work world. Maybe you’re shifting careers, setting up a company, or leading within existing brand or business – you have big work to do and a purpose-driven life requires accountability, expert and supportive championing and creative consultancy. My network (and it’s a good one) becomes your network when we work together.

My style is holistic, integrated, positive, honest, direct, assured, supportive. I won’t make you into something you’re not but I will help mentor your business into something you will feel joy, pride and love for. If you are driven, proactive, decent and passionate – we will work together well.  

I have no set package for my business coaching and mentoring- rather, I will create a bespoke plan for what we can achieve.