Jessica Bendien

Talent Executive

Poppy is passionate about guiding already successful, high achieving women to continuously up-level themselves. She’s the wing woman and best friend you need in your life and with her winning, kick-ass system, you’ll believe anything is possible.

She is strong, passionate, and a joy to be around (not least because she’s a fashionista’s dream) who just gets it and is on a mission to help you be the most successful you can possibly be.

Poppy is a known force in the celebrity world and her supportive, go-getting coaching approach is a far cry from a bog standard business coach.

There’s nothing ‘traditional’ about Poppy – she spent 15 years working in TV alongside industry Execs and celebrities at the top of their game, so you’re guaranteed a creative, outside-the-box approach and left-field, winning thinking.

Rachel Harington

Entrepreneur and Wellness Consultant

I have known Poppy as a powerhouse within the TV industry for years and when she mentioned she was a coach I jumped at the opportunity to work together. 

She is gentle yet does not let me get away with repeating past destructive patterns. She holds a space for me to grow and makes you feel like you are her Number One priority.

I have learned and built more in the 3 months I have worked with her than the past 5 years and I find this huge value for money –  no longer guessing which program or teaching to buy… but being trained by a real manifestation master.

What’s great is that I know the best is yet to come!

Philippa Perry

Author, Psychotherapist + Red Magazine's Agony Aunt

A neurosis-free person who can work out what she feels, so knows what she wants AND GOES FOR IT. She invents fabulous TV formats that run and run, has a great relationship with her adolescent son and, (what I care about most), is my friend.

Olivia Lee

Comedian, Actress + Broadcaster

Poppy is a rock star, her positive can do attitude and strength make you believe anything is possible and that you can go further in life than you ever imagined. Also… nice tits x

Rachida Benamar

Career coach, speaker, and founder of Rama Publishing

Poppy’s mastermind was a game changer for me. Poppy has the ability to read you like an open book and after the session I felt energised, clearer on my goals and my immediate next steps towards them. Most importantly, Poppy’s support continued beyond the session and I felt like I had an active cheerleader for my success. I would highly recommend Poppy’s mastermind to anyone looking to make a breakthrough in their lives.

Laura Whitmore

TV Presenter + DJ + UNICEF Ambassador

I first met Poppy ten years ago working in MTV. She’s always had such a brilliant work ethic and an infectious enthusiasm that she brings to all parts of her life. She’s an inspirational powerhouse of a woman and I doubt there’s anything she can’t do. She’s also a great friend.

Lou Maugahn

Head Teacher

Last December I was stuck in a rut. I was down about many aspects of my life, frustrated and fed up with work, felt like I had no control over my love life and I generally felt depressed. I mean I didn’t have depression but I was not my usual happy self, I knew that much.

Then, early December, I met Poppy at one of her talks. This meeting, which I now know to be manifestation, was the start of great things. Now, only 4 months later, I have the job of my career and have never felt happier about my life. I have taken back control and realised it was all possible, I just needed to see my life and my abilities in a different way.

Poppy enabled this. She taught me about manifestation and the power I hold over my destiny and my life and how I harness this to make things happen for me. I would never have gone for the job I now have had it not been for Poppy, let alone actually get the job!

Her encouragement, positivity and ability to help me see myself clearly has literally changed my life. This is only the start of my journey on this path that Poppy has shown but, but what a start!

Thank you Poppy, I feel bloody awesome thanks to you!

Lesley Lau

Founder & Photographer

Attending Poppy’s talks left me feeling so empowered. I found her story and positive attitude really inspiring (and entertaining to boot!) Poppy covers a variety of topics – from mindset to manifestation – and gives lots of practical tips to incorporate these principles into your daily routine. Putting her advice into practice has shifted my perception and I’m now so confident that I can achieve my biggest career goals.

Rachel King


I was thrilled to be involved in the August Mastermind. Regardless of age, background, industry or career experience Poppy carefully curated a group of inspiring women and found a commonality between us. 10 otherwise strangers have become friends, industry confidantes and cheerleaders for each other. I could not recommend Poppy and her work more highly.

Naomi Mellor

Senior Executive

It’s amazing how spending time with someone successful and challenging can really energise you – feeling very inspired to set new goals and plan for the future after a cracking day Kew Gardens with the super-coach Poppy Delbridge today…thanks Poppy #coaching #careercoach


Lila McConigley Martin

Entrepreneur & Actress

I never lose faith that the Universe speaks to us.  The ways are varied – a song on the radio whose lyrics apply directly to us in that second, a strangers words heard by chance that answer a question we have been wondering about – finding an old letter from a friend, thinking of them after years of not seeing them, then literally running into them- in tiny or big ways, we have a constant stream of communication if we let it happen.  


I always have considered this relationship with the Universe to be the most important one I have with anything.  Ive depended on it my whole life.  So, last year, when I lost my way a bit, I turned to it and said Help me – give me a sign about my path.”  Within minutes, Poppys page randomly came up on my Instagram.  I read about her, awake to the possibility that I was meant to pay attention to this.  She was offering a free phone consultation, so, though I have never ever done anything like that before in my life, I took her up on it.


As soon as I heard Poppy;s voice, I knew I had found a kindred spirit.  She knew exactly what I was trying to articulate and within minutes, I knew I wanted to meet her.

We met a few weeks later, at AllBright Club in London, where she is an Ambassador and speaker. The first thing I noticed was the window, which said A Woman Needs A Room of Her Own,.  I paused, as this phrase has always resonated with me.  I walked in and felt a sense of homecoming at entering a place where the energy was so positive and forward-thinking.  All of the women I saw there that day seemed to be rooting for each other.  Poppy arrived in a cloud of beauty and magic and quirky energy.  I instantly knew she was my sign.

Over the next few hours, we talked and wrote, asked questions –  and bit by bit, she helped me pinpoint my ethos, my power and how I needed to reconnect to my path.  She gave me so many powerful insights and ideas.  I left that day, full of confidence, tools, skills and inner power.  She asked me some hard questions, but she guided me towards writing my mission statement, which I now have framed in my office.  She made me realise I was chasing my dreams though my ego rather than through my purpose.  Then I reconnected with my purpose again, it all began to flow.  

It has transformed me.  I now consider Poppy a true and important friend.  She has been incredible in her follow-up and I so much want to do one of the full retreats. She has shown me how to find my best life and more importantly, how to live it.  

Thank you so much Poppy. 

I love you x