Summer Garden Party

What a time! First Summer Garden Party in our new home! Some snaps to scroll… AND please follow us @slayretreats for more on the female empowerment and soulful mindset re-wire retreats, which we run for women in entrepreneurial, creative and career worlds. It was a massive privilege to welcome and announce the powerhouse businesswoman and VP at Viacom, Rebecca Knight, as my partner in SLAY at the…

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Comparison – What it REALLY does to you.

Hey there Comparison – you’re a right  one to talk, aren’t you?! You got no place with us, lady. We are the rebels who strive for truth, newness, boldness and progress. You? You’re a conformer, a steady Eddy, a bore. The thing about Comparison is that is quickly becomes conformity and this is dangerous as it precludes you from becoming uniquely exceptional and capable of…

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STAND THE F*** OUT… And don’t be like the rest of them, darling.

When I was a little girl I stood out. I had freckles, pigtails, smiled constantly and was dressed by my mother like a small Victorian boy.  People would genuinely stop and point at me in the street. I mean, I wore fake leather ties, bloomers and little moccasin shoes. And I skipped everywhere.  When we went to parties, she’d create totally OTT dresses made out of velvet…

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