Is it time for your love-life to have it's own cleanse?

Whether you're single or in a relationship,
because the time has come to have what you want...


I’ve been in this horrific love-lacking place myself. Back in was 2016 I found myself single and sick of it. I was tired of repeating patterns, going for the wrong men, scrolling apps… searching. I was happy and successful in my wider life -board-level media boss, great friends, 6-figure salary… – BUT I was coming home after a long day feeling exhausted by the idea of love.

I wanted the dream, drama-free relationship, full of fun and adventure. It belonged to me. I didn’t want to wait around anymore and decided to apply myself and everything I used to create success in my career to one month of LOVE WORK. It became my side-hustle. 

I decided to get out of the physical and into the metaphysical.

I created and committed myself to do-able daily inner work across one transformational month: THE LOVE CLEANSE was born.

It worked.

It brought me my committed life partner, Jim. We now live together in our dream West London home with my teenage son (yep, I was a single working mum at the time!) and his wonderful children. We are a happy family, which is exactly what I wanted.

WITHOUT apps, NO dating and NONE of the BS. 

I got ‘that text’ from him, out of the blue, the day after I completed my own Love Cleanse. He was actually an old friend, someone I didn’t ever look at ‘that way’ until that very night – and we’ve been happily together ever since. 

Since then, I have been using these principles and shifts with my private clients (all of whom are successful, ambitious but time-short women) – and I have extended and honed the content to be my first ever digitally-based personal development program.

Now it’s available to dramatically redesign the love-life of the proactive, conscious woman who desires (and DAMN IT, deserves) a JOYOUS love-life.


This is for women in three specific situations:

  1. You are currently single and would like to attract and keep your ideal partner.
  2. You are in a relationship, which could be better.
  3. You value your relationship but want to maintain it.

If you are in any of those love situations, then you are ready to do this inside-out deep cleanse process.

This Love Cleanse program is going to bring you a radical UPGRADE.

Remember that you are worthy, all-powerful and you CAN have what you want when it comes to your love-life, no matter what you’ve been through in the past.

Your wonderful future is ready for you to take hold of. Let me show you how.

This is what I know
to be true...

If you're serious about your life, then a MAJOR part of that is to be in a healthy relationship.

I want to make it my mission to help any bright woman to pay attention to the shifts that will change decades of conditioning that tells us (and convinces us) otherwise. We do deserve love. We can have it.

Poppy x

Love from


Working with Poppy was extremely insightful. I have experienced transformations in my long-term relationship and she helped me understand how to drive forward these positive changes!

Marika T – Academic & Writer

I had no control over my love life and I generally felt depressed. I have taken back control and realised it was all possible, I just needed to see my life and my abilities in a different way.

Lou M – Head Teacher

Poppy has helped me set boundaries in my relationship with my husband and also myself. I now take responsibility for how I am feeling and can relate to others more easily...

Rachel H – Company Founder


It’s a 10 min a day commitment (more if you want to use the bonus content!), around your schedule. You’ll have daily transformational practises.  I’ll help keep you accountable to this within the program with daily mixture of motivational audios, videos, journal prompts. worksheets and mini-tasks.


Across 7 weeks, with a new powerful LOVE SHIFT per week and DAILY ‘Love Bites’ for 40 days, we look at the following:

I started this Love Cleanse believing that I was already pretty self aware... this surpassed all of my expectations. I feel a visible difference within myself and so much more confident. I know exactly what I want now- exactly what I deserve!

Sophie C – Private Tutor

I can't believe how much a difference this has already made to my self-esteem and confidence. Making so much progress with the Love Cleanse - and literally it has had a huge positive impact on every aspect of my life.

Rakhee C – Academic Scientist

I'm super impressed by the detail and amount of content already ... I did ‘Key Behaviours’ this morning (on the tube to work, not gonna lie) and it really went deep for me. Really, really good!

Jessica B – Talent Executive 

The average day consists of audios, videos, worksheets, guest experts or downloads with plenty of BONUS content

It’s like you’re in my brain and I KNOW it’s going to be mega useful. The whole course is life changing and so many people have seen changes in me.

Bloody life changing all of this. I’m feeling proper emosh ahaha. BUT FULL OF GRATITUDE to you and the universe xxxx

Emma S – TV Industry



LOTS! I can say with 100% certainty that this will make you question your approach to love, relationships and your own value. This is a re-haul, reboot, detox, cleanse, recalibration. This will create the necessary space for your ultimate dream love-life to finally reach you, even if you think you’ve tried it all. Trust me – this is curated from ancient to bestselling teachings, my own experience coaching women to relationship success and my very own results from doing this powerful Love Cleanse.


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