“A woman must have money and a room of her own”

“A woman must have money and a room of her own” .


A believer of female independence, imagination and ambition… Virginia Woolf got it. .

And I am in my own room now…

Truthbomb: I’ve worked hard to get here. I have created my own way in life from the small town of Cornwall I grew up in and no, it hasn’t always been easy… but I’ve cultivated a serious (and sometimes silly) resilience. I know passionately that this is something that can be done by ALL. I’ve also allowed myself to surrender. I’ve gone to the shadows and confronted myself about what doesn’t help me. Will you go there? . It’s scary but it works!

BUT here’s the thing… Without my own daily sanctuary (which for years was just the end of my bed, a pillow and a candle – that works well) I would struggle. I urge you to be like Woolf and create a small space of your own… even if it is not in your home. Even if it’s an area you set up and put away again. Make it your space to create, dream, do. A place to build and grow. A physical dedication to your personal development and intuition. 

You got this. Create a space today.


Chair from @theoldcinemalondon 

Flowers by @abigailahern


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