Why SAYING something won’t get you anywhere.

Ouch. It HURTS but it is one of the best things I ever heard:

“You are what you do - not what you say you will do”.


Do you DO? Or SAY? My own coach told me there is a really obvious secret when it comes to progress. Take action. Take it. Start before you are ready. There won’t be a perfect time. It’s just about DOING.

The biggest leaps I have ever taken – and continue to take – yes, they scared me. I worried about money, time, looking like a loser, feeling like an imposter, what people would think – but if you analyse and wait and talk too much about it (without actually doing it) we can become crippled in the fear and talk ourselves out of our future. So JUMP, quick woman! Do it!

I now continually face the fear head on. Why? Because I am already swimming – I am already in – and when there are sharks out there, I know I have to keep swimming. And I like the feeling of DOING – exercising my possibilities. I also quite like disrupting negativity and making others feel that they can DO too.

I knew that the only way to really step into my dreams was to stop talking about doing X Y Z and actually DO it was to jump in and just F-ing do it! Once you decide upon that first little step of blind faith, you’re invested and it’s ON.

KEY: stop analysing. It’s paralysing you. Analysis paralysis is a mother sucker. A leech!

Today – question if you are ready to DO not just SAY.

What are you going to do today?

What one thing will bring you closer to your dream?

Action, however small and even if it’s terrifying, is still action. Fail fast, learn on the go, take the risk, discover new ways not to do something, pick up the phone, send that email, book that coach, make that move (that one you don’t fully understand but feels fluttery in your stomach) – that’s the nudge telling you it’s time to truly start living our dreams on purpose.

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