Summer Garden Party

What a time! 
First Summer Garden Party in our new home! 
Some snaps 🎈to scroll… AND please follow us @slayretreats for more on the female empowerment and soulful mindset re-wire retreats, which we run for women in entrepreneurial, creative and career worlds. 

It was a massive privilege to welcome and announce the powerhouse businesswoman and VP at Viacom, Rebecca Knight, as my partner in SLAY at the party. She came to a previous SLAY retreat and it transformed her outlook entirely, so much so that she then approached me to come onboard. 

And we are now officially GO! 

If you don’t know much about the company (or know me just for my career in TV or coaching) – the ethos of our holistic events company, SLAY, is all about authentic expansion: of consciousness and connection. It’s about slaying negativity and replacing it with a positive mindset in order to manifest what you DO want (not what you don’t) so we can step into our ultimate lives – and stop that ‘stuckness’. We all want to quieten down that mind chatter telling us we can’t, we shouldn’t and we’re not ready. So at SLAY, we focus in on that unhelpful energy – we attack it with like-minded women – and we level the F-up! Oh, and we have a laugh! We like a bit of luxe, we swear, we eat, we drink good wine. We are unapologetic about being ourselves. 

And the men? Well, we love you and our ethos transcends gender. Rebecca and I choose to speak to what we know and have experienced (that’s being female bosses and working mothers) BUT our philosophy and vision is for ALL PEOPLE to feel empowered and overflowing with good energy and purpose. 

Isn’t this what it’s all about? 
Isn’t it? 
Sending love out for your Sunday x 
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