Comparison – What it REALLY does to you.

Hey there Comparison – you’re a right 

one to talk, aren’t you?! You got no place with us, lady. We are the rebels who strive for truth, newness, boldness and progress. You? You’re a conformer, a steady Eddy, a bore.

The thing about Comparison is that is quickly becomes conformity and this is dangerous as it precludes you from becoming uniquely exceptional and capable of living your full potential with a BIG purposeful life.

I can’t get onboard with comparison at all. Oneupmanship is contrary to the concept of abundance, which means there’s enough for everyone out there. It breeds misalignment and a feeling of being ‘off’. You know that feeling because it’s constantly trying to poke you in the ass; you have to spin round to stave it off.

Oh, Comparison – you’re that mean girl telling you your hair is ‘different’ and ‘unique’ when you know that’s code for ‘I look better than you’. It’s that feeling when someone looks at you THAT way and you cower inside and the thought of THEM compared to you. Comparison is a real minge.

But it goes deeper than that: frankly it’s misunderstood. Rather than being nasty or mean, it’s just… well, dull. It’s seeking for mass onset of BEIGE living, it’s about conforming and creating an average level where everyone feels like they should just keep their heads down a bit. No thanks! Stick your neck out and just DO IT.

So, when Comparison comes to say hi. Tell them you’re not interested in their agenda of conform . Tell them you’re a badass. You’re a revel. And you are staying in your own lane, going wherever you want it to go.

Drive on, woman. Go far and stay the course.

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