MOMENTUM – Will YOU Go with it?

Q: How often do we say this?
If we have one shred of productive, busy, exciting and varied lives – then WOAH –  we are living in the spice of life!
Momentum is a powerful thing isn’t it? But do we give ourselves enough of a disciplined push to start that momentum going in the first place? Do we look at the good, the fun stuff, the good bits (however small) and focus in on them so that feeling inside of us (the one where we feel fired up and smile to ourselves, maybe do a tiny dance alone to a mirror – THAT one!) builds and grows?
I always say that if something is going well, tap into the momentum building around the goodness within it – and keep thinking it will stay that way – and bit-by-bit you’ll start to see changes in the way you view the happenings of your life.
If fear comes in to bug you (and it DOES) – it’s okay. Just acknowledge that fear is a product of all the past stuff that’s gone on and tell it to move on. Did fear help you last time? If it didn’t, choose to see things differently this time and give it a go. Failure doesn’t matter – it’s a made-up word based on mass perception of what success is. Success is finding your groove, your joy, your sense of personal purpose and accomplishment.You can’t get success without a few ‘failures’ – or as I like to call them ‘things that bring me closer to my success’. 
I try and focus on the future and the present – because that’s where the joy is waiting for me, asking me to come play and hang out. It’s more of a laugh there, less over-analysis than looking into the past too much. Sure, learn and heal from the past but let momentum carry you forward so you’re not stuck there… in analysis paralysis like a woodlouse on it’s back trying to move but getting precisely nowhere. 
Turn the woodlouse over, get moving, build momentum, find the fun and focus on it. Follow it, let it flow forwards into your next phase of life. 
Sending love on this day, which is sunny and crisp – it feels like Spring is coming early this year.
I’ve even seen a bright yellow daffodil pop up in my garden!
Love and light, 
Poppy X 

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