SO WHAT? You are in a state of flux. Congrats babe! x

Transitioning and changing is a hard thing to do. Or we are certainly taught to believe that a route from A to B won’t be plain sailing. It’s at best, tough. At worst, it’s impossible.


But I ask myself all the time… IS THIS ACTUALLY TRUE?


When you strip it all back. When you remove the doubts we grown to accept as normal. When we understand that transitions are necessary… is it actually true that it is hard?


From what I’ve seen… it might be challenging, it might be new, it might be unknown, it might require faith… but it does not need to be HARD. It can happen freely. Change and transition can be accepted into your journey of life.


You’re thinking of leaving a horrible, unfulfilling, well-paid job that doesn’t speak to your soul? You have a nagging doubt that your relationship is not serving you or you dreams? Don’t worry. It IS challenging. It IS flux. It is PROGRESS. But it doesn’t need to be impossible, negative, rubbish, failure or difficult. Allow yourself to feel the feelinsg that come up and honour them. But don’t allow it those feelings to dwell, to fester, to become a HARD vibration… because that feeling is not truth. It is just a necessary part of movement, of growth, of understanding what’s in store for you. It’s OK to not feel OK.

Next time you think something is FACT – analyze it as fiercely… because FACT as you perceive it is RARELY fact… it is simply the way you have decided to acknowledge it. See it a different way. Choose LOVE instead of fear. Choose joy. Choose gratitude. See the long game. You’re being the gift of a catalyst.


So go for it.



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