Right, I feel like on the day I launch the January Edition of SLAY RETREATS it’s time to tell it like it is. 

I don’t like to follow rules and I don’t like to do what I am supposed to do. 

I just do what I know is true and what feels correct and aligned for me. Like going for a drink with my friend to talk about the TV company on the night of my launch, then going home and having a long dinner with my son and deciding to do more the extra launch work tomorrow… because the.world.carries.on. And I set the rules.

It’s a rebel heart thing. 

Anyone else feel like this? It’s like I’m born to be a bit of a rule-breaker, to challenge the status quo, to question things that we consider to be fact or ‘must-do’. I’m like, WHY? 

I’m all about doing what we feel is true, following your true path and doing what you simply MUST do if you burnt down all your old belief systems (the ones that don’t serve you) and everything you know as reality (because you can re-set that at any given moment with some practise). 

Because at any given moment, we can burn all that shit down and start again. And this, is what makes us human. 

I’ve just celebrated my son’s 15 birthday in Paris and I have to say, more than ever I am desperate for us all to grab the here and now. Take the moments. Live this life!

I am often shocked at how much I tolerated in life, love, work… I’m not even sure why I tolerated it apart from a learned system of how to act, how to be, what beliefs I considered to be the ONLY way for me. My son has a big life ahead and when I look at his school system and what they teach him it angers me. 

They don’t teach him basics in human behaviour, in the power of the mind, in kindness, in budgeting and managing money, in mindset, in self-care… the list goes on. They teach him that it’s going to be hard to get a job and to make sure his grades are good. ARGH. He realises this is not true and doesn’t believe it, thankfully. Likewise he doesn’t understand why he’s not taught about finances, business skills, mindset and personal development. 

In the same way my son recognises this omission in his school syllabus, we can easily go through life not KNOWING that there’s another way. My son has been brought up to know he can enjoy a growth mindset, choose his own path and expect whatever he wants – and I did too – and I’m SO grateful for that headstart – but these things are not ingrained in our children’s DNA largely due to a school system on it’s knees with an archaic system based on grading and the law of averages. Is this right? Should we be teaching our children the things that matter in life or how to pass exams? It’s something that’s starting to burn up inside me! 

Bringing it back to US – well, ladies, what if we could burn down all our past teachings (which were either wrong or omitted hugely important details of how our inner development can create a more fulfilling life) and just realise that inside of us we ALREADY have the capability to self-teach, self-love, self-believe… would we be fully slaying life? Surely we would have a legs-up on it, right?

What if it was all wrong?

What if the person who created all the rules was wrong?

What if a person didn’t decide the rules and it just, well, happened… because enough people decided. But who are these people?! ARGH. I think we should break the norms and create new normals whenever we can.

What is we could do actually do that?

What if we could decide again?

What if we could BURN IT ALL DOWN and remembered what we are REALLY – without the exams, the peer pressure, the rules and the judgement, the status quo? 

This is a bit of a rant blog… I actually didn’t expect that! But hey, I do think we are all just trapped in the story we’ve been brought up in and told is ‘normal’ when in fact, it’s all just been normalised by repetition. 

Rise up, be you, make your own rules, do what you love, shine on and follow what feels good. From there, excitement comes to pass. 

Much love,

Poppy x 

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