I did a PODCAST… well, I was a guest on one. ;)

I reveal all… sort of. Actually quite a lot. Yep!

I was invited to be the weekly guest on this lovely Entrepreneurial podcast ran by this inspiring couple. I hope you like it.

It goes into my story, why I do what I do and lots about formatting (which is the TV Exec side of me). It’s good to get out there and just tell everyone how they can do this stuff themselves – it starts with a decision…. it then leads to inspired action… it requires self-belief (which you can totally acquire for yourself if you work on it) and it takes massive leap of faith. It then requires an energy of expectation and knowing. Knowing you are supported in your actions because you feel they are your true purpose and passion. 

I found it pretty exciting actually – and whilst I’m used to being behind the camera, behind the production and behind the scenes in terms of the TV stuff… I was grateful for the chance to talk about what I am passionate about and hope that anyone sitting on the fence about becoming a multi-passionate, portfolio entrepreneur will just F-ing do it. Because if you feel pulled, you’re receiving messages from your Higher Self. You’re ready. It’s already started. It’s happening, lady!


Loving your work, loving your energy and loving your drive.

Make sure you do something fucking cool today that makes your SOUL happy. Today I am going to take some coaching calls with my productive AF clients, have a walk down the river to get some supplies from the Deli and generally use a fuck ton of candles in the daytime. BECAUSE THAT FEELS GOOD TO ME. Simple as that.

What will YOU do today that makes you up-level your JOY frequency?

You deserve to have soul treats.

Lots of love, 

Poppy x 

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