PATIENCE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND… How to get what you want by being impatient!

Really Poppy?

You want it NOW?

You don’t want to be patient like a good girl and wait your turn and trust that, at some point, all the nice things you do in life will pay you back ten fold? 

Seriously, Poppy, you don’t want to sit back and wait…just…-a…little…bit….longer?

Nah, thanks. 

I WANT IT. All of it. All the stuff. NOW.

I’m not good with patience. Never have been. I think it’s boring. It’s been made-up by pious adults and it never really delivers results. I’d rather get behind the idea of abundance and the power of NOW (all credit to Mr Eckhart Tolle). The idea that there is PLENTY of stuff out there for me to have, right NOW in this very moment. 

I believe that urgency breeds success. For me, that shit works and patience doesn’t.

PATIENCE is not a word I like to use when I talk to clients about their careers, relationships, income or happiness. Patience is for little things like waiting for a bus to arrive a few more minutes. Spending some extra time making a perfect cream cheese icing on a cake. Yes, it has it’s uses but not when it comes to the big stuff. 

In fact, my hate-hate relationship with patience can be summed up with my recent trip to a homeware shop. I bought a set of (unnecessarily huge – check my Insta) ceramic mugs with those slightly generic, ‘nice’ words on (you know, like LOVE, JOY, SHARE, LAUGH…). I actually didn’t take the one that said PATIENCE. 

Patience is not my friend.

I think she lies to me. I think she’s up her own arse. I think she’s touting a myth, which we’ve all bought into; trying to turn us into ‘good girls’ like her, who toe the line and do as we’re told – when in reality she’s just slowing us down so she can take all the fun. She’s the friend who holds us back, doesn’t applaud us and saddles us up for a slow ride into mediocrity.

But I’ve given her the benefit of the doubt; I’ve given her a good go over the years…

I’ve been patient with my relationships and that didn’t work. I thought, ‘Ah, he’ll sort himself out, he just needs time’ (he never did) or ‘he’s just going through a rough patch’ (he always was). I’ve waited patiently for things to work out, get better, come along or magically appear. Impatience would’ve sped that up for me. 

I’ve even tried being patient with promotions and salary increases. ‘Maybe they just need to see a bit more of me’, ‘perhaps they just don’t have the money in the budget right now’ or ‘maybe I need to prove myself just a bit more’. Fair enough? NO, NOT fair at all! That doesn’t hold up. You have to prep, ask, expect and be willing to receive in order to get those upgrades. 

If you keep trying to be patient  – here’s what happens:

Patience becomes HOPING

HOPING becomes a HABIT…

And habits are not only hard to break, they become your accustomed reality.

You begin to live the habit. It seeps into your way of being. 

You’ll start to breed this idea of waiting = good, inertia = fine.

You’ll forget that feeling of having FIRE in your belly and you’ll WAIT FOREVER to get your dreams going. 

And sure enough… everything across the board will start to slow the fuck down for you.

So – as a Patience Cynic – I challenge you to leave your patience at the door. 

I encourage you to rise up, believe in the power of healthy impatience and EXPECT to get what you want FASTER than you’re used to. Get behind it energetically, feel it in your gut. Feel that it can become yours NOW and that being patient when it comes to your love life, career, passions and happiness is useless.

As soon as you start to be unavailable for the waiting room/purgatory/ limbo vibes –  things happen sooner because there is no other option. You’ll  make shit happen because you’ll HAVE to find solutions.

It’s a myth that you need to patiently wait for good things to happen. 

Impatience, channelled in the right way, is powerful energy force. It’s not something to be drummed out of you like it was when you were a kid and you wanted to get to your destination sooner, so you could get out the car and start having FUN. Stop doing that good little girl thing. We can actually get to where we want to go faster now if you can tool yourself up to be a bit more impatient about getting what you want. 

You deserve it! And you can manifest things faster than you’ve previously believed possible.

For me, the only thing I really wait patiently for now is my teenage son’s hormonal spots to kick in, just so I can get him going on a skincare plan to justify the inordinate amount of half-opened products I’ve bought and not used over the years. (Weird but true, people). Other than that, I WANT IT NOW.

And you should too. 

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